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Yampa Dry Bag

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The Yampa Dry Bag will protect your gear in any weather condition. This PVC-free lightweight and rugged Dry Bag is extremely strong and durable. It has an oval-shaped base that is designed to resist rolling and make it easy to stack. The low-profile Hypalon lash loops allow the bag to be securely strapped to the deck, or onto any Pack Rabbit Exo-Frame system to create the ultimate weatherproof pack system. This combination will make any portage of cargo easy and painless. This bag is a great choice for hunting, backpacking, the beach, or any rugged water sports. Available in 2 sizes.

Yampa Dry Bag DNA:

  • Required Frame: None
  • Color/Camouflage Pattern: Black Pearl
  • Material: 420 TPU Laminate Ripstop Nylon | 3-Layer Hypalon
  • Construction: 10,000mm Waterhead | Double-Stitched Tape Sealed Seam
  • Hardware: ITW Nexus
  • Capacity: 26L | 52L
  • Additional Features: Hypalon Lash Loops | D-Rings | Hypalon Roll-Top Closure
  • Integrates well with the SpiderNet and other Pack Rabbit accessories

Proper Use:

  • Close your Yampa Dry Bag properly to ensure water cannot get inside. Fold the Hypalon strip down first, ‘burp’ (squeeze) excess air from the bag, and fold (at least) three additional rolls before closing the buckle.
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects or prolonged contact with abrasive surfaces.
  • We recommend that sensitive electronic devices be bagged first inside a waterproof sack (or hard case) before placing inside the Dry Bag.
  • Not intended for diving situations or where the Dry Bag will be submerged under water.

Cautionary Note – be aware that this roll-top Dry Bag should only be ‘dunked’ to a depth of 1-meter for a very short period. Longer/deeper submersion and pressure can cause water to seep through the roll-top closure. If you are transporting electronics or other sensitive items in very wet/potential submersion situations we recommend that you place them into another waterproof bag first before loading into the Dry Bag. To avoid damage from condensed moisture vapor, place a drying agent (e.g., silica-gel pack) in the waterproof bag along with the electronic items.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 3 in

3 reviews for Yampa Dry Bag

  1. COUNTRYGUY_1295

    I bought the large dry bag at the SCI show and have been using it as a waterproof backpack. So far it has delivered as promised. I have been rained on several times this year and all my gear has been dry and protected.
    Pros. Clothes and gear stay dry. Able to remove it from the frame easily. It doesn’t take much room in my tent.
    Cons. Everything goes into one compartment. It takes a little more time to pull stuff out along the trail.
    Overall the setup is pretty good. Thumbs up here!

  2. J_BRETT

    Bought the 26-liter dry bag for my kayak. The lash loops on the side are the bomb. No more worries about my bag sliding out of the tie-down. Good job.

  3. Karen J.

    Great dry bag! The ripstop material is tough enough to withstand minor abuse, but not as thick as other heavier rubber bags. It is so easy to rollup when not in use, or to shrink down with smaller loads. Too bad you don’t have more than 2 sizes. (Hence the 4 stars.)

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